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Filem Seniman Bujang Lapok download

Filem Seniman Bujang Lapok download
Movie Seniman Bujang Lapok 1961 download

Directed by
P. Ramlee
S Sudarmaji
Written by P.Ramlee (Original Story)
H.M.Rohaizad (Screenplay)

P. Ramlee
Aziz Sattar

 Music by P. Ramlee
 Cinematography A. Bakar Ali
 Editing by Thian Yak
 Distributed by Shaw Organisation

Release date(s) 1961

Language Malay


The "bujang lapok" trio of Ramli, Sudin and Ajis go to Jalan Ampas Studio, Singapore in response to an open call audition. During their audition, they drive director Ahmad Nisfu crazy by forgetting the script and improvising with their own lines. However, the studio boss likes their natural comedic talent and tells the director that the trio are to be signed on for an oncoming film.
Back at home, Ramlee is in love with a nurse, Cik Salmah, who is being watched by Sharif Dol, a villain from a neighbouring village. Sharif Dol sends his mother to propose but Salmah turns him down. The vengeful Sharif Dol burns down the entire village to get even, but is later arrested for his crime.

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